Monday hair tips by Harper Salon

That time of the week has arrived! Monday Hair Tips by Harper Salon are back!

They’re easy and fun. Anyone can do them, with little to no tools, no matter where you are.


Eating Right for your Hair!

Tip 1

Salmon for Shine…

Salmon, sardines, and mackerel are full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Your body can’t make these healthy fats and you have to get them from food or supplements. They help protect you from disease, but your body also needs them to grow hair and keep it shiny and full.

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Tip 2

Prevent Breakage..

The tropical fruit Guava is packed with vitamin C and protects your hair from breaking. One cup of guava has 377 milligrams of vitamin C. That’s more than four times the minimum daily recommended amount.


Tip 3

Prevent Hair Loss…

Getting too little iron can lead to hair loss. You can find this important nutrient in fortified cereal, grains, pastas, soybeans and lentils.


Tip 4


Sprinkle Cinnamon on your oatmeal, toast and in your coffee. It helps with circulation. That’s what brings oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles.

Cinamon sticks and powder on white background
Cinamon sticks and powder on white background


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