Monday hair Tips by Harper Salon

Welcome back to our Monday Hair Tips by Harper Salon for Discover Out Loud!

Last week’s tips were a huge success and many of you already put them to practice.

They’re easy and fun. Anyone can do them, with little to no tools, no matter where you are.


Tip 1

Want wavy and beachy hair?…

But don’t have time to fuzz with a curling-iron in the morning?

Try putting your hair in a twisted bun on each side of your head (or a few bun’s at your nape) and secure with a couple pins before going to bed.

Note: The more buns, the wavier your hair.

Release the pins in the morning, shake it out and finish with Oribe Apres Beach Spray ($22 & $39) if you are in the States and KMS Hairplay Sea Salt Spray (CHF23.20) if you are in Switzerland.

Tip 2

Are your bobby pins not secure enough?

Maybe you’re pinning them the wrong way?

Wavy side down, straight side up!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 12.03.39 PM

Tip 3

Your hair is too fine and your bobby pins slip?

Try spraying Hairspray (CHF9.60) or Dry Shampoo (CHF20.40) on them before putting them in your hair.

Photography by Pinterest

Til next week for our next Monday tips from Harper! Questions and comments are welcomed!

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