Nicolas Müller, Snowboarder and Environmentalist extraordinaire

Nicolas Müller is best known to most people, especially those into snowboarding, as THE snowboarder. He’s known for “his smooth riding style and his ability to read different terrains and adjusting his riding to the terrain” (Wikipedia). But very few, except those close to him and his fans of course, know him as an Environmentalist who avidly pursues a sustainable lifestyle wether it be in his personal or professional life.

I personally got to experience it first hand while spending the weekend at his house in LAAX. He personifies kindness, fun and sustainability – from his cleaning products, to his recycling methods, to the ingredients he cooks with and finally what he eats. He has it all down to a ‘T’! And let’s not forget to mention his mad skills in the kitchen!!

And before you watch the interview and make up your mind about Nicolas, I have to say that this experience was so much fun and such an eye opener. Thank you Nicolas for being who you are and making our world a better one 🙂

See it for yourself!

Below are the links to some of the projects Nicolas is involved in:

  • We Drink Water movement: We Drink Water promotes drinking water (tap water preferably and recycling bottles). For every ‘Drink Water’ product purchased, 10% of profits are donated to, a non-profit organisation working on this global crisis.
  • Suddenrush : SuddenRush develops products with positive impact on social and environmental conditions with the prime objective to protect the Atlantic Rainforest.
  • EM Solutions: (Effective Microorganisms) EM Solutions provides friendly cleaning methods for a variety of applications

Stay tuned for part 2 with Nicolas sharing his favorite breakfast recipe and hot spots in Zurich.


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