Odeon Cafe, a Zurich landmark

Featured image by zuerich.ch

Ever since its grand opening on July 1st, 1911, the Odeon Cafe always made history. It is there that political and artistic movements were discussed and organized. Many of the intellectuals, exiled writers and painters in the likes of Klaus Mann, Benito Mussolini, Stefan Zweig, James Joyce, Albert Einstein, and Lenin found refuge in this cafe.

Aside from its highly cerebral clientele, it also attracted, and still does, the jet setters, fun seekers of Zurich who just enjoy hanging out and people watch.

And let’s not omit the fact that Odeon Cafe was the first bar in Zurich to serve Champagne by the glass! Quite an exploit given that at that time Champagne was only the drink of the affluent.

Today, anyone from early birds to night owls can enjoy all that Odeon Cafe has to offer 🙂

I love going there for a coffee in the afternoon or eat their spinach salad when I crave something fresh and light.

Thank you to Zurich.ch and Odeon Cafe for facilitating my research!

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