Oliver Scotoni, Founder of Zurich’s best Live Radio festival: Rundfunk.fm

A few days have passed since the closing of Rundfunk this summer. It’s amazing to think that 4 weeks came and left!

Rundfunk.fm is an annual music festival where the best DJs get to play the music they love for 30 days. You can either experience it Live over a drink or two or listen to it online or on the radio. 

I was hoping to be able to sit with Oliver Scotoni, Founder of Rundfunk.fm, for my very first video interview and it happened! I’m so grateful that amidst his busy schedule he gave me time. Not once, but twice! Let’s just say that this experience was a definite learning curve and I certainly have grown from it! Everything that could go wrong from a technical and support stand point went wrong. But behind every challenge always lies an opportunity. And the opportunity was for me to learn how to edit! So please be lenient with me as I’m sure you will notice a few imperfections!

But having said that, this interview captures the essence of who Oliver Scotoni is – a Gentle, Generous and Driven soul with great vision!

Stay tuned because Oliver has a few cool projects cooking and I cannot wait to discover them with you!

So without any further due, here he is! And thank you Philipp Schönweitz for filming!




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