Only Temporary

Nothing in life is forever lasting. Our experiences are Only Temporary in space and time but lasting in our thoughts – the feelings connected with that instance (good or bad) will linger for a while. We may not think about it all the time but certain encounters, smells, tastes or sounds will awaken the memory.

This subject is quite interesting and current when talking about experiences in Zurich. Although the city and overall mindset have been rooted in safety and the dependable, things seem to be changing with the advent and success of the Pop-Up scene. By definition, a pop-up is temporary and fleeting which is in direct contradiction with the predictable. But that to me is exciting and invigorating. Although I can understand and appreciate going back to a place where I formed deep memories and affinities, there is also something really fun about experiencing new unexpected things regularly. It’s also part of our times – the instant gratification in an ever changing and moving world.

So having said that, I just got to experience an unforgettable diner at Only Temporary. Words and pictures can hardly communicate the actual experience and won’t do it justice but I will try my best to tease you enough!

The event is housed in the former historic printing warehouse of the national newspaper NZZ which closed in December 2015. Since then, the building has been used for many exclusive events for those seeking the unique. Behind Only Temporary lies the catering group Dine & Shine as well as Zurich based agency Gruber & Ianeselli. These two came together to push boundaries and build an innovative and exciting format for people like us who crave cool discoveries. 

The food was as easy on the sight as it was a delight for the palate. The set up, the music and the staff were just incredible. And to make it even more fun, there were surprises hidden everywhere. (I won’t say more!)

Chef Kay Malsch Spitzer kindly walked us through the colorful menu with great fun and enthusiasm 🙂

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