Meet Philipe Gil, my latest find all the way from Sao Paolo

philipe gil from sao paolo

I’m so excited to introduce my latest find and newest Contributor Philipe Gil – all the way from Sao Paolo, Brazil! Through him we will travel to places only a few of us have been previewed to. We will be introduced us to new people, ideas and styles. We will learn to embrace the different and embrace adventure in all that it involves.

I cannot wait to share his first article with you! Coming soon!

Please meet Philipe

“Philipe Gil is what they call me. I am a native Brazilian, youngest son of a traditional Portuguese family. Native because I was born in front of the beach by the end of summer, right after Carnival. Almost a cliche for a Brazilian Guy, but as time goes by and I’m getting older, I’m trying to be from everywhere, from the places I’ve visited and collected experiences, from here and there…

Since very young I got interested and fell in love with cultural contexts and the frenetic market of consumption, therefore, by the time I went to college, living in NYC, I realized the great passion of my life – fashion. Currently I work for an international mass-fashion company in Brazil which gives me the opportunity to stay connected and updated with changes in global trends and consumption patterns (love that!).

I’m a Taurus ascendant Sagittarius – I blame this combo for my love of beauty, smells and sounds… it might also be the reason why I’m always hunting for art too. I love visiting new places and having provocative experiences. And as much as I love nature and the wildness, the other half of me loves popular culture, good music (loud, please!) and partying hard. There are no rules in my life but I try to live it to the fullest, following my instincts, being spontaneous, funny and happy, doing things that I love and with love.

I started “dating” DOL as a reader. One of my best friends lives in Zurich and introduced the “webzine” to me. It was a question of time to meet Ariane and become part of the team. At first I will share my point of view about Brasil, this unique place that mix big cities with nature, country from one of the happiest people that I have ever met. Let’s discover this place and other ones (why not?) together. I will discuss everything that encourages us to be happy without rules but just our instincts in a spontaneous way – doing things that I love and with love.

This is me. Nice to meet u!”

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