Maserati Winter drive & Snow Polo World Cup St.Moritz


St.Moritz, birth-place of Snow Polo

Being from Iran, I am proud to say that Polo first originated over 2,600 years ago in ancient Persia where it became a national sport. Then it spread to Constantinople, Tibet, China, Japan, India and finally made its way to England, Argentina and Australia.

In 1899, British soldiers built the first polo field in St.Moritz and in 1959, a group of locals founded the St.Moritz Polo Club. In 1985, the first polo tournament on snow on the frozen lake of St.Moritz was premiered. 30 years later, Polo on snow has become a major trend worldwide. But St.Moritz always remains the most prestigious tournament and the only high-goal polo tournament played on snow.

Known for its pristine, elitist and somewhat pretentious characteristics, it is also a place where anyone can go for free and enjoy the thrill of watching the world’s top players fight for the most coveted Cartier Trophy in a backdrop no less impressive. It is one unique life experience one will not forget soon!

Maserati Polo Tour 2018

This past weekend the “Snow Polo World Cup St.Moritz” marked the exciting kick-off of the Maserati Polo Tour 2018. The luxury car brand did not spare any expense or ideas!

Over three days, four teams played in front of 15,000 people, all there to celebrate their favorite players but also to check out the scene and of course to be seen! St.Moritz, especially during Snow Polo, is THE perfect place for people watching. Important personalities from around the world come to network but also to show off their latest toys – a promise for a colorful and fun sight! This year, sports stars in the likes of  Malcom Borwick (England Polo Star) and Slalom world champion Giorgio Rocca were seen roaming around and test driving the new Maserati Ghibli MY18.

Luckily the weather cooperated and gifted us with a spectacular blue sky. The reflection of the sun rays on the frozen lake with the mountainous backdrop was pure magic.

The ‘Maserati Polo Team raised to the occasion and received stellar reviews. Note that this year two of the team captains were ladies – Zhanna Bandurko for team Maserati and Melissa Ganzi for team Badrutt’s Palace. It’s beautiful to see women acknowledged and given the power they deserve!

Maserati Polo Winter Drive

The most exciting part of this event was the drive on ice and snow! Our group, composed of a dozen journalists, got to test the Best Car 2018 Ghibli MY18 and its brothers Levante and Quattroporte for three hours! No rules were imposed other than “Try Everything!”, “Go as fast as  you can!”, “Own it!” and “Dance with it!”. The car became my partner and together we learned to drive together as would two Tango dancers move their body to the rhythm of music. In our case the roaring engine was the music and ice our dance floor.

These unique life experiences are what keep me excited and driven. While moments are fleeting, memories remain indelible.

Thank you to © Tony Ramirez and Goran Bencunfor the beautiful pictures.

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