Rome, Pigneto district

When in Rome, do as the locals do: head to Pigneto. This dynamic suburb off the tourist track buzzes with bars, cafés and restaurants. It’s probably one of the city’s best-kept secrets!
“The historically working-class Communist neighborhood is not postcard pretty like Rome’s historic centre, but it has shrugged off its reputation as a refuge for hoods and pushers to become the city’s latest alternative hot spot, a haven for young professionals – artists, directors and architects – who are fast outnumbering the older residents.” (Gourmet Traveler)

Here are some bars/ restaurants to check out while pigneto:
Anytime of day and night, for drinks, snacks or meals: @BarNecci, @AnticaEnoteca di Sero, @Chiccen
Drinks/ snacks in the evening: @PuntoG, @AntichiSapori, @Cargowinebar, @PignetoQuarantuno
And the BEST for last: @Primo for dinner. Do not forget to make a reservation if you want to stand a chance to eat there.


2015-02-14 23.44.12primo_al_pigneto


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