San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino: 27 evenings of great dining for the epicurean in you

Chefs Andrea Bertarini, Frank Oerthle, Egidio Iadonisi.

April 3rd officially launched this year’s San Pellegrino Sapori Ticino festival at the Dolder Grand in Zurich to help promote the festival and their starred chefs. Every year for the past eleven years, History meets Food meets Wine and of course meets Italian Top Chefs from Ticino!

In 2007, Dany Stauffacher, a Ticino admirer, had the idea to ally forces with starred hotels and restaurants to create a unique event where hospitality and Ticinese beauty would shine.

Over 190 Michelin stars

 More than 1700 Gault & Millau

 The best locations in the Canton of Ticino

I had the pleasure to be invited to the gala dinner hosted by Gregor Zimmermann at the five star Bellevue Palace Hotel, an institution in Bern. Guests of the hotel or restaurant Vue are in the likes of Politicians, Socialites and Journalists, all seeking old school luxury with modern amenities.

What a night that was! Chefs Andrea Bertarini, Edigio Iandonisi and Frank Oerthle went out of their way to make the evening unforgettable. Their art throughout the gala was designed to encourage guests to ask for more, without guilt. The colors, textures and of course taste, all celebrated finesse, mastery and flair. And let’s not forget the wine – perfectly paired with the food to highlight the flavors and enhance the dining experience.

And now on to the best part, the dinner! The room was sheer elegance – from the majestic chandeliers, to the oversized mirror, to the beautifully dressed tables. No expense or detail were spared.

For more information on the rest of the festival, go here. Do not miss the opportunity to experience a unique experience of pure delicacy. The Grand Opening of the Festival will take place on April 23rd at the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano

Photography courtesy of Remy Steinegger

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