Sato Slow Living Vernissage, May 7th

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Sato, Slow Living is a furniture store like no other. You would never imagine such an Oasis of peace and tranquility based on its location, the busy Kreis 5.

When I first entered the store, I didn’t quite know what to expect other than a small store selling Japanese inspired furniture. It could not have been any further from the truth. The space is housed in a beautiful historic building and counts several rooms, each showcasing a different aspect of the Japanese in-door living (and sleeping) culture fusioned with Western Urban concepts.

Do not miss the Zen garden in the back of the store!

On May 7th at 7PM, they will host a Vernissage by Kathrin Blaser. There will be Live music and Sato Sake!

Address: Ausstellungsstrasse 39, 8005 Zurich

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