Socks, a man’s new statement piece

Featured image by Happy Socks!

Men, especially in big cities, have become more and more fashion conscious and like to keep up with trends, almost as much as women do! They are comfortable in their skin and welcome tight fits and colors.


Whether wearing short length trousers, standard suit pants, or even jeans, men are having fun accessorizing their outfits with colorful socks. What seems to be a small detail actually makes a big difference. Black socks are so the thing of the past!

Photography by
Photography @HappySocks
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Photography @HappySocks

You too can wear socks with colors and prints. Just make sure to follow these basic rules not to look ridiculous!

  1. Keep the white socks for the gym
  2. Never shorter than mid-calf length (no one wants to see your manly hair)
  3. Wool or cashmere are only for the winter
  4. No Disney character patterns
  5. Match them to your shoes first then to your trousers 

One of my favorite brands today is Happy Socks, a Swedish design. But there are other brands like Burlington, Mr Moustache, Polo Ralph Lauren and many others.

And don’t worry, they’re sold in many stores across Zurich!

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  • Oh, well, I admit I often do the classic matching of shoes and socks ^_^, the best is with brown shoes, where I range from dark brown to red and crimson, with black shoes I go from black to gray to dark navy socks. But If I want a lighter color to stand out while still keeping it coordinated, I match with the dress shirt, yes even when it’s white, but still with dress socks below the knee, not athletic ones, and the difference can be seen :).
    It’s to replicate the wrist sleeves which are supposed to come out the coat sleeves on the pant leg.

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