Sonia Rykiel’s new Boyfriend is coming to Vestibule!

Sonia Rykiel’s new boyfriend bag is coming to Vestibule!

Meet Sonia Rykiel’s new “copain”! He will make his official appearance in July.

Vestibule is a cozy boutique in Zurich known as one of the city’s top fashion destination since it opened in 2005. It has set itself apart with its French “Je ne sais quoi”.  Each garment in the store, whether from famous brands or rising designers is carefully handpicked by Laurence Antiglio, Vestibule’s passionate owner. The designs epitomize the Vestibule spirit: feminine, trendy, wearable and casual, with a bohemian touch.
Laurence understands that fashion is more than what meets the eye because it inspires a myriad of emotions. In today’s society we use fashion to express ourselves and reveal our state of mind in that moment in time. We convey a message to the world just by the way we dress – no need for words. And that is also the philosophy by which Sonia Rykiel has gone by. She even gave it a name: Rykielisme!

Styles worn by Monica:

A big thank you to Misiaczek for the beautiful song!


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