New James Bond ‘Spectre’ Swiss Premiere VIP Party

What a night and of course what a movie!!! Every Bond movie is an event in itself but the VIP party blew it out of the park! Last night marked the biggest Premiere ever in Switzerland.  There were a couple of things that I would have done differently but overall it was an unforgettable evening filled with local celebrities who indulged in dancing, eating and of course drinking Martinis.

For the launch of Spectre, Belvedere Vodka, the official partner, created two very special cocktails to honour 007’s taste for exceptional Martinis. Classic and elegant, the bespoke cocktails payed homage to the iconic vodka martini and brought out the smooth, rich texture of Belvedere.

The celebrities present from Spectre were Naomie Harris (Monneypenny), Dave Bautista (Hinx) and Associate Producer Gregg Wilson. Some of the local ones were Actor Stefan Gubser, 80’s Muse and now Cosmetics Entrepreneur Dianne Brill, DJ Tanja La CroixSocialite Irina Beller, TV presenter Sven Epiney, Pop singer Marc SwaySoul singer Seven, new Bachelor Tobias Rentsch, and many many more.

This collage will give you a small glimpse into the look and feel of the evening.

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