St Moritz, world famous ski resort at your fingertips

World famous and much anticipated White Turf race is happening this weekend in St Moritz. I thought I would give one my favorite ski resorts a shout out!

Who would have thought that good old Ariane, the most urban girl you’ll ever meet would one day crave the fresh mountain air? I have learned not only to appreciate spending time in the Alps but also to welcome it into my routine. 

As I didn’t grow up around the ski culture (frankly I relate far more to the sandy beach culture!), my bucket list never included any of the Alpine pistes! Today after 3 years of practice, I can totally understand and relate to the feeling that one gets when in the snow around professional skiers/ snowboarders who make the sport look so easy and sexy! And 300 days of sun yearly doesn’t hurt either.

I fell in love with St Moritz from the moment I arrived. What I experienced exceeded my expectations. There is an entire scene there that unless you are in The-Know you would never be previewed to! If you want to touch elbows with the riches then St Moritz is your place! Having said that, you can easily choose to have a low-key/ down-to-earth experience as well. Just expect that no matter where you go, the price tag will be steep!

Here is a short list of my top favorite spots.


Salastrains / El Paradiso

One of the first stops you need to make if you want to take a break from skiing, is to have bite and a glass of Champagne at Salastrains and/or El Paradiso .There is nothing like basking in the sun, surrounded by majestic mountains draped in white snow, and watching beautifully dressed people mingle. You can tell that alot of time and money is spent on these trips!


The Suvretta

My all time winner is The Suvretta Hotel and having tea with cookies in the afternoon watching the hotel guests discuss their next business moves while keeping it ‘relaxed’ and unassuming. The imposing exteriors and opulent interiors could be intimidating but from my personal experience, this hotel is actually one of the most welcoming and warm luxury establishments I know. That’s why I love going back!

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Suvretta Hotel with family

Kulm Hotel

Another place for those who want to see and be seen. The cream of the crop goes there after a fun day of skiing to wind down before the big night!

Pavarotti & Friends

A MUST experience! At a first glance, I thought for a second that Pavarotti was alive and had retired from singing. This Pavarotti knows how to throw a party! Great venue, wine, atmosphere. The menu is very small and simple but covers the basics for our Italian food/pasta lovers. 

Bamyan Ski Club

Don’t be deterred by the name. Yes it is a ski club during the day but a very cool lounge/bar in the evening. If you need your low-key time to decompress and reflect on your day then this place is for you. The style is cozy and eclectic – as one would expect of an Afghan bar. It’s the perfect place for the young and cool Hipsters to meet up and have a good time.

Bamyan Ski Club
Bamyan Ski Club

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