Styles in Zurich, Winter 2015

Featured image by me!

From the young to the mature, everyone in Zurich has their own flare and a “je ne sais quoi” that distinguishes them from everyone else. I must admit that when I first moved here from Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY, I found the fashion here quite bland and uninteresting. Seemed too conservative and brand oriented. But as time has passed and I have gotten to know the city better, I find the styles quite beautiful. The Hipsters made their way here too and brought with them a cool vibe.

2015-03-11 15.23.332015-03-11 15.22.16


2015-03-11 15.08.302015-03-11 14.48.50(1)

Photography @arianetavakol @discoveroutloud

swissblogger_patricia_pinterest  zurich street style_pinterest

Picture 1: Swiss blogger @PatriciaDoNascimento and Photography @Pashionality @pinterest. Picture 2: Photography @discoverymagazine


Photography @chicinzurich


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