Sylwina, lifestyle and food blogger

Prior to starting my own blog I never appreciated the amount of work and dedication that goes behind creating one. No matter small or big, if blogging is your true interest and I would even say passion, then expect to spend countless hours preparing, strategising, thinking and executing.

And contrary to common belief, it can also be a lonely experience since most of the job is done alone. You might say that the computer then becomes your best friend, the silent partner, the one without which this journey would most likely not be achievable (at least in this current format). But in this case, the word ‘silent’ is the chief word – there is no brainstorming, creating or even arguing with silence! Yes, in order to create content, you need to meet with all kinds of people, but the time before and after is spent alone.

So as a homage to my fellow Bloggers and also for my own selfish need for inspiration I decided to create a Portrait series where we will discover different types of Bloggers / Influencers.

The series kicks off with Sylwina, a Zurich based Blogger. Her main focus is lifestyle, healthy living and food and in between she models for some interesting and artsy shoots. Sylwina has gained immense momentum in the past year and has since become a household name for many.

We met at this charming and unexpected “secret” spot called Kasheme. The space is truly a hidden jewel where entry is allowed to members only or by invitation (which adds to its appeal!). Thank you Nick Mazrekaj for letting us use your space.

And of course a big thank you to Sylwina for her time and grace!

The photographs attached to this interview are by the following artists:

Federico Naïf, David Biedert, and Andrea Monica Hug

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