The art of Brooklyn, NY, where hearts meet and create

Brooklyn, aka Manhattan’s little sister, stole my heart from the moment I got off the L train on Bedford Ave.

Places like Greenpoint and Williamsburg are the “Le Marais” of NYC, truly breeding all the best and most innovative artists. If you want to get inspired real quick get yourself to any of the number of FANTASTIC neighborhoods around Brooklyn and you won’t be disappointed.

Exposing myself to this place is a key part of my process as a creative professional. There is no place like Brooklyn in the world because of its harmonizing contrasts. But what I truly love is the political statement artists make on its streets. I find a 5 minute walk taking 30 minutes just because I need to read every sticker and every poster wheat pasted on the walls.

Neighbourhoods like Bushwick are always changing due to the rotating group of artists covering its walls as well as the new boutiques, hotels and restaurants constantly opening up. I feel like I am always discovering a new gem every time I walk those streets.

Williamsburg is another fantastic neighbourhood offering visitors streets and streets of murals from traditional masterpieces to iconic pieces composed of nothing but color. There is no other way to visit these neighbourhoods than on foot taking in every detail.

Let’s not even talk about the handful of fantastic restaurants and hotels made to make you feel outrageously relaxed and inspired. Make sure to check out The William Vale, the new but already outrageously popular hotel located in Williamsburg, even if it’s just to have a drink on their roof top. The views of New York City are unbelievable so if you have the chance to stay with them for your visit make sure to ask for a balcony room with views of NYC. I promise you will not want to checkout at the end of your stay!

From the graffiti covered streets to the posh boutiques, Brooklyn has anything you want and more. And its laid back nature makes any visit a delight. Street art, good food and GREAT views of NYC awaits you. Don’t miss out!

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