The Beauty of New York City – all about the people

New York City is like an epic love story. Living within the city boundaries has its way of changing you. The heartbreaks and the long days connect you to the city in a way most people can’t verbalize. Like a best friend the city is always there to take your pain away. Like a lover it cradles you at night. But what makes NYC so special? The Beauty of New York City is all about the people.

So who am I? I am an Ex-New Yorker, an artist, photographer, lover and fighter. I paint because if I don’t I am only a shell of myself and nothing else. I take pictures because I need to document this world through my eyes, as I see it, beautiful and full of magic. And I fight for love and life because someone has too. I might have left NYC for a quieter Connecticut life but the city never left me. 

In my day job I consult small business owners in all things social media, from setting up profiles to implementing social media strategies that will help grow their reach and brand awareness. 

I encourage people to fight for who they are and embrace their journey. Every heart ship, every celebration holds a beautiful key to your future. Forget about stereotypes and limitations placed on you by society and trust in yourself even if no-one else does. One day they will…

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