The Heiliger Bimbam Market is back!

December 17th will mark the first day of the Heiliger Bimbam market at the Maag Music HallDo not miss it! 

With more than 200 exhibitors you will be guaranteed to find the perfect Xmas gifts for your family and friends. But do not worry if shopping isn’t your thing because there’ll be plenty other ways to occupy your senses with, like listening to groovy beats and nibbling on delectable foods!

But other than the fun aspect of this market, I am most fascinated with the Founders behind it, Katja Weber and Vania Kukleta, whom we will get to know better in a future post. They personify entrepreneurship, perseverance and innovation.

Vania and Katja’s market venture began in 2009 with the summer Monday market at the Rimini Bar. It quickly became a huge success because people found a beautiful outdoors boutique market where they could wind down from their day and mingle while discovering great new designers.

From Montagsmarkt arose many more niche markets – a flee market, a street food market, and more recently an indoor christmas market, the Heiliger Bimbam taking place in December (Dec 17 – 20) at the Maag Halle, one of the biggest venues in Zurich. 

The Heiliger Bimbam is a perfect platform for young designers and re-sellers alike to test their products and sell them in a non-conventional setting without having to make huge investments or sacrifices.

See pictures from last year’s market below. (photography courtesy of Heiliger Bimbam)


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