The man behind the sexiest circus in Switzerland

Meet Gregory Knie, the man behind the sexiest circus in Switzerland –  Circus ohlala!

I was delighted to meet the heir of the Swiss circus dynasty! Everyone in Switzlerland knows the knie family and respects them as being pioneers in their field.

In 2011, Gregory Knie along with his father Rolf Knie decided to create the first adult circus in Switzerland – ohlala. While at first the press was unconvinced, if not skeptical of such undertaking, the public embraced it immediately.  After meeting Gregory and his team and watching the show, I am not surprised by its success. It’s sexy, edgy and definitely flamboyant but always in style.

There is so much more that we covered during our interview that I wasn’t able to include in this video for timing sake, but this snapshot should be enough to tease your interest! Who knows, I may do another extended post!

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