The wonder of doors

Don’t you wish sometimes you could have a glimpse into the world that lies behind some doors? Why do doors invoke so many feelings? What is it about them that is so compelling?

I never really thought about doors that much until I visited Mykonos and came across so many of them. They all looked different and they all seem to carry a story of their own. It was fascinating to imagine their story.

This door gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I imagine a loving family living here!
2015-05-27 11.46.53 copy
Opens to a hair salon. Not intimidating. Welcoming.
2015-05-27 11.46.41 copy
Oh a client getting groomed!!
Door slightly opened as if worried about sharing a secret. Eventually each door will lead to the truth.
Yes or No?
Big secrets are hiding behind this lock!
2015-05-27 20.31.50-1 copy
Holding on to the past.
What could have happened to such beauty?
2015-05-29 22.08.05 copy
What’s your story?

Let’s pray!

2015-05-30 23.58.36 copy
Let’s play!


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