The world’s only giant singing bowl is in Switzerland!

A few days ago I had the unique opportunity to experience first hand something unique and truly magical which not many get to experience.

Mr Raymond Hunziker, Director of the Palace Luzern kindly invited me over to indulge in the relaxing and healing sounds of their giant singing bowl.

In all honesty I had no idea what to expect other than an out of the ordinary experience (I purposely didn’t do a lot of research prior to going to remain as surprised and impartial as possible). I’m always open to discoveries especially when they are of holistic nature so I knew that no matter what awaited me it could only be great.

I will try to relate my experience the best I can but this is something one has to personally experience. Just imagine a gigantic Gong played with a gigantic wooden mallet!

The ceremony begins upon entering the room where the singing bowl is housed. You are almost taken to a different plane just with the environment itself – dim lights, heart-warming scents, cozy furniture. You get comfortable sipping on a glass of fresh juice. Then the Practitioner takes you to the bowl where you first stand then lay in a hammock for about 10 minutes hearing  and feeling the vibrations – as it is sounds, a powerful influx of energy resonates throughout your body and almost catapults you into a different dimension. Hard to explain unless you experience it yourself.

Needless to say, I left the room feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and happy! Great space to be in to meet the Director of the Palace Luzern 🙂 I felt a bit too relaxed for a proper meeting but Mr. Hunziker was so kind and welcoming that I immediately felt at ease. The conversation flowed. His good natured energy was contagious and was felt across the hotel with every single employee I got to meet. I saw a great deal of professionalism mixed with an obvious attention to details.

The hotel has a definite presence and as it should is located right on the lake.  It offers beautiful rooms and great amenities, including the only fish restaurant in Luzern – Restaurant Marlin.

If you ever go to Luzern, I really recommend stopping by!



Before we move on, I would like to share some facts about the giant singing bowl (directly from their press release).

“In March 2014, Alain Sutter and the Palace Luzern launched a unique experience with a giant singing bowl and the accompanying philosophy of ‘pure joy of life’.  The ‘pure joy of life’ is a joint collaboration between Alain Sutter and Marcel Meier of Sutter/Meier Coaching and the Palace Hotel Luzern specifically for the five-star hotel.  

In combination with numerous studies conducted on the effects and functions of traditional singing bowls from Asia, the development of the mould for the giant singing bowl took 15 years. Using the most modern casting technology, the singing bowl was cast in solid bronze and with a diameter of 1.76 meters and a weight of 1.2 tonnes is a true masterwork of craftsmanship. With its size and function, this singing bowl is truly unique and now is in a private room at the Palace Luzern”.

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