Toasted Unplugged recap

What a night! Thank you Toasted and Starbucks Stauffacher for hosting this event. The room was packed and the energy pumping as if it was a Saturday night.

If I can be candid, I really didn’t know much about The Konincks or Private Blend and was blown away by their talent and stage presence. Both bands captured every single of our attention and never lost it.

The Konincks’ lead singer, Jules Herzog lives and breathes the words that she sings and her sultry voice transports the crowd to a new world.


Quick sample of her voice!

2015-05-20 21.16.27

FullSizeRender (22)

2015-05-20 20.50.25


2015-05-20 20.14.27

2015-05-20 20.06.52 copy

Toasted team
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