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We just had dinner at Maison Manesse and let me tell you that I was blown away! Where can I begin?

What caught my attention first was the building itself. One would assume based on the reviews and prices that such restaurant would want to be an eye catcher, a presence in the neighborhood. Not Maison Manesse! The restaurant is housed in a very unassuming building. And the interior is not much different. I actually felt right at home with the beautiful wooden beams, long family tables and the cosy lighting.

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Maison Manesse

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Then came the menu which even my family who is fluent in German could not understand! The description of the dishes almost seem coded. And if you ask the waiters (super friendly and knowledgable by the way), they will give you an answer that will mean nothing! ‘You just have to wait and see!”

Now let’s get to the juicy part – the actual food! Once you pick your menu, each item will be delivered one by one slowly and delicately.  Be ready to experience an explosion of tastes in your mouth. And expect your brain to get confused because it won’t quite know what to do with these new sensations.

Fabian Spiquel and Miguel Ledesma love to push boundaries and challenge pre-determined ideas on gastronomy and fine dining. Their love of experimentation creates unusual and surprising flavors and textures.

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For example, the carrot supernova which is 500 ml of reduced carrot sits on top of 3000 year old tea leaves. Or the Swiss egg cooked at 62.7 degrees topped with pine nuts, paired with brocolini, on top of a puree with a pear wine.  62.7 degrees? How did he come up with such precise temperature? Or how about the mouth cleansing, disinfecting Rhubarb dehydrated strawberries as the Finale?

Their Michelin Star is well deserved!! I highly recommend going there for dinner at least once. Worth every minute and dime spent.




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