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Coming from cities like Los Angeles and New York where there is an abundance of healthy and all natural food options at great prices, you can imagine my sadness when I moved here and realized that there aren’t that many fast food restaurants offering healthy, natural and affordable meals.

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Not Guilty – Healthy and all natural fast food

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Of course there are always options if you’re willing to pay the price. But even then, not that easy.

Today I had a lunch meeting with a friend and we decided to meet at Not Guilty because it was convenient, fast with great healthy and nutritional choices. (dishes rich in fiber, slow-burning carbs and essential fats and lean proteins) They offer everything you need to be full, satisfied and energized.

We got greeted by one of their lovely “Angels” who directed us to the register to place our order. And since I had only been there a couple of times before, I needed time to make my decision. I felt like a kid in a candy store! They have introduced a lot of the American fast food style by offering combo specials, which is a great idea.

Of course I picked the Inka salad because of its main ingredient which I’m obsessed with. I went to Quinoa heaven and back:) It was exactly what I needed on a cold and rainy day like today. It literally warmed my soul!

I can’t say that the price tag was cheap but it was definitely affordable especially for Swiss standards.


Be the judge for yourself and try it. Don’t feel guilty!

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