Top 3 spots for an American style Brunch in Zurich

Top 3 spots for an American style Brunch in Zurich

Like anyone moving from the states, I was eager to quickly find a place that would ease my craving for a good old American style brunch. Well, let me tell you that it wasn’t easy – at all! Brunch is not necessarily part of the Swiss DNA, like many other countries for that matter. The Swiss either eat breakfast or lunch but not a combo of both!

Having lived in both Los Angeles and New York, brunch on the weekend was my absolute favorite thing to do with my friends. We would do yoga then have brunch or just meet directly at the restaurant. There was never a problem finding a good place. And to that point, many restaurants have caught on that trend and now serve brunch until the early hours of the afternoon.

But we’re not in the States anymore. We are in Zurich! So where can we indulge in a succulent Eggs Benedict while sipping on a Mimosa? Look no further, I found a few spots! (not in any particular order)

If you want a true American experience then Fork & Bottle is your place. Their menu is quite versatile and offers a really nice selection, including amazing fresh smoothies made by Daisy Beverages. The location is beautiful but very loud and the service is terrible. They are disorganized, a bit on the arrogant side and make a few mistakes along the way. But eventually once you get to sit comfortably and have the food you ordered in front of you, then it’s pure heaven!!

fork-and-bottle_tripadvisor  eatliveblog_folkandbottle

Next comes Bohemia. There I feel like I’m somewhere in Brooklyn. Cozy with a cool style. Definitely, reserve your table in advance if you want to make the Brunch and happening time. It gets booked very fast because it’s quite a trendy place. I have never been disappointed with the service or the food. They have a decent selection that will satisfy your craving!

Bohemia_spotmagazin  bohemia_blick

And last but not least for today’s post, is the good old Le Pain Quotidien.(I know it’s not American, but it reminds me so much of the US) I was soo excited when I found it. There is only one in the city but everything about it reminds me of home. So if you are used to PQ, I don’t need to explain the menu to you. Same exact one as all the other ones. And always true to their amazing dark chocolate spread! Yumm!!! But the service is slow and a bit chaotic!


I will add more as I find them.

But be assured that there are plenty other restaurants that serve great breakfasts that may also run into lunch time.

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