World cuisine in our own backyard, the city of Zurich

World cuisine in our own backyard, the city of Zurich

Don’t worry if you can’t travel this year. You don’t need to go too far to experience the delights from other cultures. All you need to do is step outside your house. The culinary world is waiting for you, just a few hops and skips away!

Discover all that Zürich has to offer. You will be surprised at the myriad of options. Today, I will focus on one restaurant per country but there are a lot more that I will cover in the future.

Let’s begin our exploration, Kreis by Kreis:

Afghanistan – Kreis 1

Are you too lazy or just don’t have the time for a proper sit down but are craving more than the standard takeaway? Don’t look further! Noshak is your spot. Not fancy but definitely homey. The Afghan cuisine for those not familiar with it, is all about the seasoning and the spice combinations. Rice and meet are the center piece and the spices the accessory.

Tucked away in Kreis 1, Zürich’s old town, it can easily be missed.

Address: Zähringerstrasse 13, 8001 Zürich 


Get ready ya’ll – Bring on the Burger! Kreis 1

Holly cow! So many burger options these days compared to when I first moved here! The Butcher is one of the latest joints to have opened in the heart of Niederdorf. The reviews are mixed but overall I must say that the experience coupled with the menu are worth the visit.

Address: Stüssihofstatt 15, 8001 Zürich


american express


Yo quiero Burrito! A taste of Mexico -Kreis 4

Coming from California, what I have missed the most is definitely a good Mexican restaurant! There are a couple here and there but we never have enough! So imagine my excitement when I first heard of Cartel Burrito, the crazy Burrito shack!

And the best thing about it other than its cool location is the simple menu. You basically have 2 options: the Burrito, for the very hungry and the Naked for the more weight conscious. Then all you have to do is to fill the tortilla or plate with the proposed ingredients. 1.2.3 4 Go!

Address: Militärstrasse 14, 8004 Zürich


Japanese wonders – Kreis 8

Sakusaku is one of those restaurants that I kept passing by since I first moved to the area and somehow never had the urge to try it until a couple of weeks ago. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I almost felt like I was in Japan. The interiors, the staff and most of the clientele were Japanese (always sign of quality).

I just tried the sushi and Sake and I loved it! The freshness and quality were up to part with the steep price tag!

Address: Hotel Seehof – Seehofstrasse 11, 8008 Zürich

“Ser pan comido” – Kreis 4

Tapas is usually for those who delight in hopping from bar to bar. Mucho Gusto caters to them but also to the ones who appreciate staying put. There is nothing like good Tapas accompanied with great wine! Best of all you get Tapas from all over the world!

Address: Reitergasse 6, 8004 Zürich



Jama in Peru – Kreis 4

As the weather gets milder and soon warmer, I mainly crave cold foods like salads or ceviche. Peru is known for its amazing variety of ceviche. Before traveling there I had imagined a typical South American cuisine with lots of rice and beans. To my surprise fish was huge on their menu and because of the climate, ceviche was the natural progression.

Papa Ceviche opened a short while ago in the up and coming Kreis 4. Although I was super excited to try different things out, I wasn’t super impressed. It was just ok, but it will definitely satisfy any ceviche craving!

Address: Badenerstrasse 101, 8004 Zürich




More Mezze please! – Kreis 5

I just love Damas! The service is stellar and the food as tasty as it gets – consistently. I just cannot get enough of their mezze. I have nothing else to add other than try it for yourself! And if you’re not familiar with the neighbourhood, go early to check out all the cool stores on Joseftrasse.

Address: Josefstrasse 151, 8005 Zürich



Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino – Kreis 1

Cantinetta Antinori is located in the heart of old town Zürich in a historic building. The decor is simple and cosy. The food is as authentic as it gets and the wine list is extensive. I  almost felt like I was in Italy! A bit pricey but definitely worth going. Also perfect for spontaneous cravings off hours.

Address: Augustinergasse 25, 8001 Zürich




J’ai une faim de loup! Kreis 1

Mère Catherine sits in old town Zürich but with a Je ne sais quoi of Provence! I love the courtyard and the interiors. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a summer night in St Paul de Vance. The food is authentic french cuisine of that region. Lovely!

Address: Nägelihof 3, 8001 Zürich




Curry at its best – Oerlikon

Malabar = delicious, authentic Southern Indian cuisine. They place a big emphasis on the quality of the ingredients. I was really impressed by the menu, the taste but also the presentation with great attention to details. Not at all a typical Indian restaurant.

Address: Wallisellenstrasse 11, 8050 Zürich



Kob Khun Ka! Kreis 3

I could eat Thai for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Of course ideally in Thailand but can compromise once in a while 🙂

Five Spice has not disappointed me! Great dishes. The Papaya salad is a Must try!

Address: Zweierstrasse 106, 8003 Zürich

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