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 When I first moved to Zurich, I was surprised at how many Trois Pommes stores I saw throughout the city.

Zürich’s own ‘three apples’ allow tiny Storchengasse to compete with the Big Apple’s giant Park Avenue in terms of big-name designer density. The 150-metre alley is firmly in the hands of the Trois Pommes fashion empire, which comprises seven Trois Pommes boutiques on and around Storchengasse, several mono-brand shops and two ‘Luxury Vintage’ outlet stores (Basel, St.Moritz and Gstaad). 

Trois Pommes offers a selection of fashion pieces from a dozen or so exquisite brands like Bluemarin, Marni, Lanvin, Thomas Maier and Adam Jones. The Trois Pommes empire encompasses more shops on the same street: the Trois Pommes Designer store (Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Giambattista Valli), a Gucci store and a shoe gallery. Which makes Storchengasse the place for luxury fashion shopping in Zurich.

Trudie Goetz is behind this small giant.

The self-made business woman, founder of Trois Pommes, did not have a glamourous upbringing as one would expect. The youngest of six children, started her career as a sales person and by 1973, she began her rise to stardom and power with the purchase of her stores, first in Liestal then Basel and Zurich. Thanks to her sense of style, keen eye for upcoming trends and personal relationships with Designers, Trudie built a very strong and powerful following which has survived the test of time.

Trudie Götz built her fashion empire from her hard work, dedication and exemplary relationships with Designers.

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