Vera Marke – the art of Anagrams, a personal interpretation of letters

a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence.” When the letters in those words are re-arranged, they start meaning different things. On their own, without the use of speech, individual words are sometimes enough to capture the essence of a thought like in the case of Vera Marke ‘s use of Anagrams – her personal interpretation of letters.
The Swiss Artist beautifully enacts the art of Anagrams. For example. the iconic name Chanel when re-arranged becomes Lachen (laugh in German) and Coco Chanel becomes Cool Chance. We don’t need much more around these words to understand their meaning.
Letters and words are an expression of our interpretation and why not have fun with them rather than regard them as a means of control and self-appropriation?

I really enjoyed capturing Vera in her environment, her atelier at home. She didn’t need to use her voice to explain her art but rather show us with her hands. We too should play around with letters and create our own art!

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