Vier&Eins = newest popup in Zurich

What happens when five creative, talented and resourceful people come together?  – A really Cool and Unexpected Popup Vier&Eins.

Fabian Plüss,, Danica Thalmann, Philipp Brunner and Renato Auer
Philipp Brunner, Danica Thalmann, Fabian Plüss and Renato Auer

Gallery Baviera is the main Host and re-looked the space to accommodate this month long event. The five partners (Oliver Scotoni, Danica Thalmann, Fabian Plüss, Philipp Brunner and Renato Auer) had an idea and wished for this location as their centerpiece. When they contacted Silvio R. and Marietta Xaviera, owners of the gallery and asked them if they would be game, without hesitation they said “Absolutely YES!”.

So here we are today! The Dream Team kept the original state of the gallery and made some colourful additions to it. They created a world of five different layers:

  • The Bar 
  • Four restaurants: the name Vier & Eins (4 +1) hints to those four restaurants and bar but also, by pure coincidence, to the number of partners (five).

The idea was to use this location and transform it into something special and give the people of Zurich something new and exciting that they will talk about and intensively use until its gone.

Each of the partners has a specific skill set they brought to the table to make this venture possible. “We all benefit from each-other’s connections, savoir-faire and expertise”, said Renato Auer.

The Music:

The music provided by one of the partners, Oliver Scotoni from Rundfunk, will be streamed Live everyday until the end of the event. All four restaurants and bar will play the same music at all times.

The Art:

The neon and sexy art that you will see throughout the venue has been created and curated by Artist Carol May. The rest of the art is either from the owner of the gallery Silvio or friend of the group and artist John Stiffler.

The Restaurants:

“The building in which they are located, right next door to the gallery is about to get renovated, so we thought to utilise the vacant apartments in lieu of our restaurants. Each floor hosts a restaurant, and each with its unique character and theme. We let the chefs and their partners come up with ideas and execution.  And they didn’t disappoint us! Very clever and interesting take on the space and story. They only host limited seating so reservations have to be made quickly.” (Renato Auer)

Ground floor: Maximilian Klein

1st floor: Drei Stuben (Marco Pero)

2nd floor: Pascal Schmutz WG (see video below)

3rd floor: Freundeskreis (Alex Jacob and Maximilian Baumann)

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