Number 1 in numerology

Today our Numerology specialist Valeria from numerologisch is sharing with us the meaning of the number 1 in our birth date.

If you have at least one or more 1 in your birth date, or anywhere else, you are probably a leader. You dislike being disrupted or being told what to do.

The more 1 you have the more you are a perfectionist and have high expectations of yourself and others around you.

Your will is quite strong and you know what you want – you are a Doer. The more 1 you have, the stronger is your will as long nothing or no one limits your potential. You have the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

But for the 1, it is important to be able to take time off and just relax, alone without interruption or distraction. Being alone is not felt as a punishment but on the contrary as a necessity.




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