All about Tibits, from co-founder Reto Frei

Chances are if you live in Switzerland or even London you have at least heard of Tibits if not tried their wonderful vegetarian dishes. And if you haven’t already, try it because you will get hooked on it! Some people, especially men, still show a bit of prejudice against vegetarian / vegan food,  but rest assured you will get all the nutrients and taste you need!

And above all, you don’t need to be a vegetarian to eat there. It’s just about good food.

It all began 15 years ago on Dec 6th after Reto Frei and his brothers participated in a business competition for young entrepreneurs at ETH / McKinsey and won 2 prizes for their high quality vegetarian fast-food  business plan. The success provided them a good platform to keep moving and building the idea. The vegetarian market was then an uncharted territory in most western countries.  

Since neither of them were chefs, they had to find a restaurant partner with experience in the field. To their amazement no other than Zurich’s Vegetarian Mogul Rolf Hiltl, reached out and showed interest! Their shared philosophy made sense for a partnership. And that’s when Tibits was born!

15 years later Tibits is growing stronger with new restaurants opening throughout Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Luzern, Winterthur, Oerlikon in the coming Spring) and London.

Tibits is extremely keen on innovation, progress and value. It begins from within the company where the leadership team’s open door policy allows for constructive criticism with no fear of negative consequences. 

Tibits sticks to their philosophy no matter what and believes in leading by example. For example they only cook with seasonal, high grade ingredients working with small and local suppliers as much as possible. 

So without further ado, meet Reto Frei, co-founder of Tibits.

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