Widder Bar and Kitchen finally reopens with a new look and concept

Widder Bar and Kitchen reopens

Finally, nine months of extensive renovations are over and the Widder Bar & Kitchen re-opens its doors with a brand new concept and look (while preserving and respecting the original and classic makeup).

The big reveal took place on September 28th and left us all in awe and wonderment. Over 600 guests (jet setters and taste makers of Zurich) came on a beautiful evening to celebrate the city’s hot spot and be the first ones to have had a peak into what will most likely be the place where to be and be seen.

As I approached the main entrance, a beautiful dancer on stilts wearing a bigger than life red gown greeted me with a big smile and wink. This lady had skills! She seamlessly and effortlessly walked up and down the red carpet making it look like so easy. Then of course to mark the occasion further, Ruinart, one of the sponsors of the evening, offered each of us a delicious and chilled glass of Champagne (which turned into a few more!)

One can roam around the new two story restaurant and bar and discover a new wander at each corner. Interior Architect Tilla Theus skilfully designed a space where guests don’t have to feel constrained to one specific area all evening long. Although the new space is open and fluid, it has kept its exclusive and unique essence specifically catering to high end guests seeking privacy and anonymity.

Aside from obvious eye for aesthetics in every detail, one element really struck my attention – a large wall made from folded aluminium that runs along the entire length of the staircase where guests can write personal messages with a special pen.

I’m looking forward to going back to try out some of the new cocktails and the new menu diligently and creatively designed by Chef Tino Staub. The new Widder Bar & Kitchen is the center piece of the Widder Hotel and is a veritable shrine for “followers of flavour”. Tino Staub and his team combine flavours (some very unique and uncommon) to create tastes, textures and an experience their guests will not forget any time soon! I want to be one of them 🙂

Thank you at Widder Hotel for the beautiful pictures!

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