Zurich, a Burger town?

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I miss my In and Out Burger soo much!!! Is Zurich, a Burger town?

Oddly enough you would think that a country with real happy cows would offer the best burgers ever. Imagine my dismay when I realized (very early on) that it wasn’t the case. Most burgers that I have had were dry with little to no flavor.

Finding a good burger revealed to be a lil challenging! I’m not a big meat eater but once in a while there’s nothing like a nice juicy burger with a side of French Fries 🙂 So I went on a hunt and found a few restaurants that pleased my palate!

Lastly, don’t be shocked by the price tag! Definitely not comparable to the US!! Thankfully Groupon offers some great deals once in a while. So download the App and check the deals daily!

Here are my top three – (not in any particular order)

Korner – fresh

When you see a bunch of suits congregating into one place, it means it’s worth being checked out! The atmosphere and details in the design (including the menu), are reminiscent of a New York style joint.

The meat is super fresh and served on a massive bun (normal for American standards!) with all the usual sides. I recommend getting both the French fries and onion rings. As I said before, don’t count calories on burger nights!

Helvti Diner – US diner style

Fun. Old school. Yummy burgers!

I tried the Classic Angus and found the meet tasty and juicy. Loved the side dishes too! While you’re at it, you must splurge and definitely order their Onion rings. And for dessert the Milkshake is a MUST. Don’t feel guilty. Just enjoy!

Reserve your table now, and if the weather permits, sit outside along the river (Limmat).

The Bite – for our Hipsters

If you want to spend an evening of fun with your friends, listening to cool music in a cool setting, mingling with the Zurich Hipsters while biting into a juicy and saucy burger, then book your table now!

The Head Chef Liana Hoffman came from North Hollywood with the mission to take burgers back to the grassroots and transcend them into Zurich’s street style culture. (by zuri.net)

Just go with the flow and eat what’s on your plate. You will not regret it 🙂 I tried several of their burgers and they were all good. The fries aren’t bad either!

A special thanks to @My Girlfriend Guide for the leads!


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