Kunsthalle Zürich: Slice A Slanted Arc Into Dry Paper Sky

Featured image by Me!

Wow!! I’m so impressed to see the type of art that Zurich welcomes and showcases. Especially when the artists are my countrymen!

The Kunsthalle Zürich presents international contemporary art. Most of the productions I have seen were showcased in such innovative ways that the public cannot leave the premise without at least wondering if not changing its pre-conceived perception of art.

“Slice A Slanted Arc Into Dry Paper Sky is the first exhibition in Europe of the three exiled Iranian artists Ramin Haerizadeh (*1975), Rokni Haerizadeh (*1978) and Hesam Rahmanian (*1980), living in Dubai. The exhibition encompasses their far-reaching, eccentric cosmos of film, painting, drawing and installation. Both a stage and a film studio, the exhibition is used to produce works and involve artist friends or accidental acquaintances into the production of their art.”

Copy @Kunsthallezurich. Photography by me!

@Raminhaerizadeh, @roknihaerizadeh, @hesamrahmanian, @kunsthallen

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2015-02-24 18.35.20 copy 2015-02-24 18.35.38 copy

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