Artsy restaurants in Zurich

Zurich never ceases to surprise me. One always thinks of this city as conservative and high end with little to no room for alternative and artsy. Well, I can prove you wrong! These are some of the cool finds that I want to share. There is definitely an Artsy side to Zurich gastronomy!

But don’t be misled by the looks, we are still in Zurich after all and the prices definitely reflect that!


If you crave Mediterranean food while mingling with the cool crowd of Zurich, then go to @CAFE BEBEK, the new brother of @MAISON BLUNT.

Photography @Discoveroutloud

Unfortunately, for those of us who eat this type of cuisine on a regular basis and have tried multiple restaurants, the quality and taste of the food is not up to part with the location, ambience and service. The lunch menu is slim and offers very limited options.


@G27, located in Kreis 3, combines an industrial character with an intimate atmosphere. It’s a perfect place for a business lunch out of the ordinary. Photography @gallerychristianroellin @mytable

The service and menus have never disappointed me.


I love @JOSEF! Great atmosphere. Great Tapas. Great Art. Photography @swisscom

A bit pricey for tapas but worth every penny!


@LesHalles is probably the most alternative of this list. It’s loud, and you have to stand in line to order your food and hope that it will not be forgotten. But there’s a “je ne sais quoi” about this place. Or maybe the appeal comes because it’s so out of the norm for Zurich standards. In any case, check it out. Photography

The only downer from my point of view is the ordering system. Each person orders their food at the register and hopes to get their plate at the same time as everyone else in their party.


And last but not least for today, is @ROSSO. Located in Kreis 5, by the Viadukt, Rosso is just cool. The menu is amazing and the Pizza out of this world. The service definitely needs some major adjustment. And if you are able to get a hold of an actual person to reserve your table, it’s worth giving it a shot! Photography @flikr


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